Committed to offering professional recycling services in the fort st james area

Hi! My name is Kat Slorstad and I’m an Eco-Warrior. I’ve been stomping awareness into the folks of Fort St James since 2011. I currently offer three services within my business: Curbside Recycling Collection for the Industrial, Commercial & Institutional Sectors, Beverage Container Recycling at The Fort St James Bottle Depot, and Management/Consulting Services.

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Recyclable Plastic Bottles
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Bottle Depot

I own an Encorp licenced beverage container recycling depot located at 415 Morice Ave.

curbside collection

I collect recyclables from the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors of FSJ.

management & consulting

I have been part of our town’s recycling journey since the beginning. I offer my expertise to other businesses and groups to create recycling programs .

Dedicated to protecting mother earth

pounds of cardboard/mixed paper per month

11, 660

beverage containers per year

over 1.5 million

local businesses involved


jobs created


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Less time sorting = more time to play. Let us do the dirty work.





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